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October 24, 2007

I can tell you

Rob @ 11:42 AM

In preparation for my Halloween costume..

A) I shaved off the beatnik beard I've been wearing for a while. My chin is unreasonably cold now.

2) I've temporarily stopped shaving my head. I must admit I'm looking forward to learning how the ol' male pattern baldness has been getting on these past few years.

d) I bought some clothes off the clearance racks in the mall. One of the shirts, which I grabbed accidentally while dressing for work today, is really surprisingly insanely unreasonably comfortable for a $4 polo I didn't plan to ever wear in real life. Looking a bit bland is a small price to pay for all-day shirt snuggles of this caliber.

Now I just have to build the specialized headgear, learn a bunch of complex lines, and fine-tune my impression of the character by Wednesday.

Who else is going to the parade? Holler at me, dammit!

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  1. Exinor/Matthew says:

    Dude... I'm going too. Wanted to tell you, but couldn't find you on AIM as of late... send me an e-mail or something telling me where we're gonna meet, and/or the plans. Thanks!

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