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November 20, 2007


Rob @ 12:43 PM

Today's "people you used to really like suck" news comes courtesy of the Sonic Terrorism blog.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have chosen to sue the makers of a TV show called "Californication," because they made a song and album with the same name. As quoted on the BBC News article:

"For some TV show to come along and steal our identity is not right," said the band's singer, Anthony Kiedis.

He described Californication as "the signature CD, video and song of the band's career".

A) Leaving aside for the moment the fact that Kiedis just declared the RHCP CD, video, and song I disliked the most as the band's "signature," he seems to have forgotten that they did not invent the word. According to Wikipedia, it was popular in the 1970s, and apparently dates back to at least the 1940s.

2) I know nothing about the TV show, but apparently it premiered back in August, was hyped for long before that, and has been reasonably successful. Why would they have waited so long to sue? If they really had that sort of concern, you'd think they'd want to handle it early on.

d) Perhaps it's the vestiges of my once-rabid RHCP fandom which peaked in my middle school years, but I had really hoped they were just cooler than that.

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