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November 25, 2007


Rob @ 3:42 PM

The people who you put into office are just like the people you see everyday on the street. They may wear ties and million dollar grins and PhDs and fraternity rings but they still possess the same irrational fears, insecurities, angers, and emotions that we all do. Unfortunately their brains are linked to a structure of power and thus have a much greater chance of affecting the outside world.

- Sergey

What does freedom mean to me? Largely, it means being able to be in my own skin and breathe, feel good about myself, and not be afraid. It means being able to sit and remember my life clearly, and what I felt all along. Freedom means being able to sit inside of myself and remember who I am without having to change what I think of myself because of pressure from outside of me. When I am free, I can relax and let feelings flow around and through me, happiness, sadness, giddiness, and everything else. When I am free, I can move my body as I please and speak without fear.

- Potpourrifae

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