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December 28, 2007

Dear people

Rob @ 1:58 PM

This is going on in multiple simultaneous unconnected cases, so this is not directed at any one in particular. Call it a general refinement of policy brought on by circumstance. I'm definitely not looking for apologies or explanations or anything like that, so even if you think you may be among those involved, please hold off on commenting publicly on this post. Take it to email if you prefer.


If you're a friend of mine, and you are having a disagreement with another friend of mine - on any level from minor web drama to earth-shattering personal real-world clashes of the titans - please, please, please get my permission before dragging my name into it.

Until further notice, the International Bank of Firefly has declared that my name retains a face value of precisely zero (0) debate points.

Offer void where prohibited. Local participation may vary. Use only genuine RTF parts. For more information, visit your local library.

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