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January 2, 2008


Rob @ 1:34 AM

WARNING: the following will bore you senseless if you're not into Second Life, so feel free to skip it entirely. Get a snack or something instead.

A) If you're logged into SL, you can use this link to check out my virtual HQ, home of such fascinating things as a TARDIS disguised as a soda machine, and a brick wall covered in posters.


2) Cool though said posters are, only some of them are clickable links to other places and things I dig. I need more of those. If you are an SL resident and have something in SL or on the web (Who-ish or not, a place, a shop, a website, a cause, a blog, anything original even remotely interesting that isn't pr0n) which you'd like to pimp out for free via a poster on a brick wall in a place that's reasonably popular with scifi geeks and confused people, just send it to me in-world as a texture or a moddable prim. If you're a scripter, feel free to make it a landmark, notecard, or URL giver. I'll be happy to have a look and, assuming I dig it even a little bit and there's nothing flaggable or whatever, I shall add it posthaste.

d) If you're like me, and I know I am, you're into both Second Life and Doctor Who. If so, and you for some reason haven't joined the SL group "Renegade Time Lords" yet, why the crap haven't you? It's a freebie exchange for Who and related stuff I and others release via the group notices.


%) I was recently given the title of "artist" in the Free Fandom Project, a group which exists to do for any and all fandoms what my group does for just Doctor Who fandom. Yay for me! Now I have somewhere new to start dumping the nerdy crap I make sharing the squee with people without the use of fake money.

Just under the wire…

Rob @ 1:21 AM

Happy Twenty-oh-wait!

I mostly took today off from the world, apart from a brief dalliance with family togetherness which took about an hour.

Also, I made a stalk of celery in Second Life, for wearing on one's virtual lapel. ACCOMPLISHMENT.

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