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March 15, 2008

Tomorrow Bingo

Rob @ 11:29 PM

You may remember my previous post about my sister Jo, who got married this past Wednesday.

What I couldn't post about earlier due to a request for privacy, was that my best friend Grey got married on Friday.

My lifelong sister and my spiritual sister. Within three days. At both of which I had the honor of being a member of the wedding party.

At least I only had to get the one new suit.

They were both very different, very intense experiences, and I wouldn't have traded either for the world. They took a hell of a toll on me, though, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as wearing holes through a decent pair of socks.

Seriously. I crashed late Friday night after Grey's wedding, had breakfast Saturday morning, and crashed right back to bed again and slept through the rest of Saturday. Now I feel somewhat rebalanced, and have reduced my state of utter *flail* to a mere slight *reel.*

I'll write a bit more once the experiences have settled a bit more.

Jo, Eric, Grey, and Render: Best wishes, brightest blessings, and all my love to the whole bunch of you crazy kids.

March 11, 2008


Rob @ 2:01 PM

My firefighter friend Thomas recently mentioned the language barrier that exists when he has to go do firefighter stuff among Spanish-speakers. I took the liberty and whipped up this short instructional piece to help him out.

I'm starting to really dig this sort of audio-based doodling. Perhaps I ought to start podcasting or something.


Rob @ 9:17 AM

My sister Jo is getting married tomorrow.


March 5, 2008


Rob @ 10:36 AM

March 2, 2008

Web Dos Punto Cero!

Rob @ 12:14 PM

I was recently asked by my lovely friend Mara to record a voice mail greeting for her business. I decided to make a few versions so she could choose her favorite.

In between the reasonably normal-sounding ones, I also made her something a bit spicy and international, and an ever so slightly cinematic one.

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