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April 28, 2008

Apparently, I'm going to be an uncle.

Rob @ 12:10 PM

My sister Jo broke the good news by giving our mom a Mother's Day card, with her positive-indicating pregnancy test stick taped inside it.

She is full of win. Also, a fetus.

April 25, 2008

Friday Five

Rob @ 1:47 PM

Nicked from teh grouse.

1. What's harder to live without, chocolate or alcohol?

I've lived without alcohol for pretty much my whole life, so far without incident. On the other hand, for a short time when I was very young I developed a food allergy to chocolate, and that was absolutely miserable. Screw that "carob" nonsense, it's not the same at all.

2. Does the colour yellow remind you of anything?

Lemon yellow sun, honey, Post-its, my formerly favorite Power Ranger before I found out she was a Scientologist and also dead.

3. Who most annoyed you last week?

Myself. I've pissed me off real good.

4. Do you have a cutesy romantic nickname for your partner (or previous partners)?

Whenever I've nicknamed someone it's usually resulted in reactions ranging from blank stares to extreme hurt, and a quick promise to never to say or think it again.

I do still have the hacker-culture habit of addressing certain people I know by their screen-names or handles in real life, even in private, which I tended to maintain with the hackers I've dated.

5. What is your favourite Stephen King movie?

The Stand. It's actually a miniseries, but I love pretty much everything about the adaptation of one of my all-time favorite books, apart from Jamey Sheridan's mullet and a few entirely gratuitous early 1990s morphing effects.

April 23, 2008


Rob @ 8:12 PM

Anyone out there have any hot tips for one recovering from a state of extreme exhaustion brought on by sustained stress and overwork?

Not counting "STOP WORKING 18-HOUR DAYS ASSHAT!" because that's the bit I've already done. What are the next steps?

I'd so much enjoy having a working brain and body again, the sooner the better.

April 22, 2008


Rob @ 3:29 PM

FACT: The center of the Earth is at a mathematical point in the direct center of the Earth's core.

FACT: If you extrapolate our modern time zone divisions all the way downward into the ground, they meet up together at said central point.

CONCLUSION: At the Earth's Core, it's always every time of the day at once.

Join me in converting your time-keeping system to Earth's Core Standard Time. With ECST you will always be early, late, and exactly on time for all your appointments. Also, thanks to the International Date Line, you will always enjoy either a second chance at yesterday or a head start on tomorrow.

Who's got a good idea for a watch design?

(Inspired by this wtf_inc post.)

April 21, 2008


Rob @ 12:47 PM

Got hit with a big steaming heap of insomnia last night. Tried to sleep it off, but it didn't work. Only slept an hour and a half or so total, but I do remember reading lots of Encyclopedia Dramatica, watching pretty much everything worth watching on Adult Swim Video, and writing a "Chocolate Rain" parody starring the Sixth Doctor. I wonder how crap it turned out.

Breakfast today consisted of a greasy hot dog inna biscuit, a banana, and some iced tea from the railroad station roach coach. Have so far had about three cups of the strongest sludge the coffee machine at work is able to urinate into a paper cup, loaded with sugars and ice cubes for maximum chugging. Also ate a sticky cinnamon swirly fake breakfast thing. If I get through the day without losing consciousness and/or developing Wilford Brimley diabeetus, it'll be a success.

According to the bathroom mirror here, I successfully shaved my face and head at some point this morning. I do not recall doing so, but I seem to have done a much better job than usual.

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