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April 21, 2008


Rob @ 12:47 PM

Got hit with a big steaming heap of insomnia last night. Tried to sleep it off, but it didn't work. Only slept an hour and a half or so total, but I do remember reading lots of Encyclopedia Dramatica, watching pretty much everything worth watching on Adult Swim Video, and writing a "Chocolate Rain" parody starring the Sixth Doctor. I wonder how crap it turned out.

Breakfast today consisted of a greasy hot dog inna biscuit, a banana, and some iced tea from the railroad station roach coach. Have so far had about three cups of the strongest sludge the coffee machine at work is able to urinate into a paper cup, loaded with sugars and ice cubes for maximum chugging. Also ate a sticky cinnamon swirly fake breakfast thing. If I get through the day without losing consciousness and/or developing Wilford Brimley diabeetus, it'll be a success.

According to the bathroom mirror here, I successfully shaved my face and head at some point this morning. I do not recall doing so, but I seem to have done a much better job than usual.

4 Responses to “murdlefawha?”

  1. Mara says:

    You? Drank COFFEE???


  2. Marie says:

    Did you happen across Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! ? I enjoy that show a lot.

  3. Rob says:

    Mara: Desperate times call for desperate ingestions of undrinkable swill.

    Marie: I think I did. That show is often brilliant.

  4. c4bl3fl4m3 says:

    Huggles. Oh, and more huggles.

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