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June 27, 2008

At least it's close.

Rob @ 2:43 PM

Not five minutes ago, I signed for a letter at my office. The courier was a reasonably okay-looking guy, in maybe his late fiftes, with glasses.

He gave me the paperwork, with the expected "print name here" and "sign name here" boxes. I did so, and he gave me the letter. Squinting at my writing on the paperwork, he asked, "Is that... Richard?"

"It's Robert, thanks" I replied, idly looking over the letter.

He squinted at the card again, peering alternately over and through his glasses. "..Richard?"

I looked up. "Robert, actually."

He squinted at the card again, with a look of utter incomprehension. "...Richard?"

I pointed to the tag outside the office door, with my name on it. "Robert. Rob, ert." He knit his brows and looked at the paper again, but before he could say anything else I followed up with "Spelled r-o-b-e-r-t."

He shrugged and walked away. I half expected him to say something like "okay, see you later Richard."

This is still bugging me because I know my handwriting can't that bad, at least where my own name is concerned... maybe I am Richard after all?

4 Responses to “At least it's close.”

  1. Marieq says:

    Just shorten it to Bob :P

  2. Ellipser_Amy says:

    Or just sign it "Dick" next time.

  3. murd0c says:

    Please don't shorten your name to Bob.

  4. Kyle says:

    A similar incident happened to me. This time, I was waiting for a paycheck worth several hundreds of dollars. The letter was returned to the payroll department, because it was "UNDELIVERABLE." I was pissed and complained to the post office. The lady at the payroll office stated that my name and address were typed clearly.

    I saw the letter carrier a couple of days after I complained. I overheard him curse me out to his UPS friend. I think I mighta went overboard on the complaint :/

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