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July 11, 2008

arf! arf!

Rob @ 9:18 AM

Due to personal and professional workloads, it looks like Grey and I won't be able to make it to the backup 2600 meeting tonight like we had planned to.

How shall I put this... hmm, "aw, crap" about covers it.

The work is going great though, and we're really excited about HOPE. A week from today, folks! Be there or be an equilateral rectangle!

Speaking of shapes, LOOK AT THIS FREAKING PIZZA.

4 Responses to “arf! arf!”

  1. Brewster says:

    Holy calzone, that's a big pie. And Koronet's is awesome, is it not? I'm glad it hasn't been ousted (yet) in the mutation of Morningside Heights into Columbiaville. Students still crave pizza, I guess. :)

    Yay! Looking forward to HOPE too!

  2. murd0c says:

    I can't make the meeting either. :(
    You and Grey can come over and we can order pizza. :)

  3. Mara says:

    What? Pizza with just cheese??? That's unAmerican!

  4. Brewster North says:

    @Mara: maybe, but Koronet also do some mean toppings.

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