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July 4, 2008


Rob @ 11:23 AM

Just a reminder for the NYC2600 crowd.. the meeting is still going on today in whatever altered state we find the city in. It'll be shorter than normal, because the vaguely-thought-out plan is to make our way over to somewhere we can view the fireworks from.

Next week will be a backup meeting in which things are meant to be back to normal, in case you're not into all the hullabaloo of today.

(11:07:32) mister murd0c: we will not go quietly into the night
(11:07:37) mister murd0c: we will not vanish without a fight
(11:07:41) mister murd0c: we're going to live on
(11:07:43) mister murd0c: we're going to survive
(11:07:46) mister murd0c: TODAY
(11:07:50) mister murd0c: WE CELEBRATE
(11:07:59) mister murd0c: OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY
(11:08:02) mister murd0c: omfg
(11:08:40) Rob T Firefly: Aw HELL naw

July 3, 2008

The telephone keeps ringing

Rob @ 10:56 AM

Those of you who listen to hacker radio show Off the Hook may have noticed my dulcet tones being blurted out in the studio once or twice over the past few weeks.

I think I finally started to hit my stride on last night's episode. I actually found myself growing comfortable in front of that microphone.

Sure, I've been on podcasts and things now and then, and I could win awards for prattling. But there's just something about being in that WBAI studio, speaking with a great group of people, as part of a program of which I've been a fan for most of my life. I'm really grateful for the opportunity.

Film Geek Squee ENGAGED!

Rob @ 10:29 AM

Ain't It Cool News reports that a complete print of Fritz Lang's Metropolis has turned up in Buenos Aires.

(found via Christopher Knight)

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