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August 21, 2008

OTH: 8-20-08

Rob @ 9:35 AM

Among other things on last night's Off the Hook, we had the privilege of speaking with Michelle Kempner, wife of James Powderly. There wasn't all that much new info to report, but the interview is well worth a listen to anyone interested in the story. You can listen to the segment here or the entire show here.

Updates on James and his situation will be posted to his Free Art & Technology blog.

Off the Hook will be off the air for the next couple of weeks, making way for WBAI's coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions. The show will return on September 10.

August 14, 2008

special lady friend quote of the day

Rob @ 9:52 PM

(in a mocking tone of mockery)
"Oooh, look at me! I'm Rob and I'm correct!"

She's visiting me tomorrow. I smile!

August 10, 2008


Rob @ 11:38 PM

Nice article on eclecticism here on Witchvox.

August 4, 2008


Rob @ 10:12 AM

A short "best of" from the PLA panel at The Last HOPE has been posted to Youtube. Enjoy ten minutes of universal love and understanding here.

My HOPE photos are almost ready, they'll go up tonight. Until then, you can check out Whitesword's gallery entitled "Captain Cactus and friends," featuring his photos of people all over HOPE holding the inflatable cactus we gave him. Whitesword's cactus posed with such luminaries as Emmanuel Goldstein, Captain Crunch, the 2600 van, and TV's Adam Savage. His pic of me, the cactus, and the lovely RogueClown is my new desktop.

Update from my sister Jo and her husband.. I'm having a nephew! Woo and yay!