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August 10, 2008


Rob @ 11:38 PM

Nice article on eclecticism here on Witchvox.

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  1. nicky says:

    that was a good, thoughtful article. she makes a great point about knowing about one's faith and the choices one makes as a result of it--and on the path of it--versus doing things against one's professed religion without admitting it and proceeding thoughtfully through the tension. it's an idea that transcends any specific faith, and something any person of faith would be well-advised to take to heart when pursuing a meaningful religious path.

  2. Sidepocket says:

    Is this like Mindvox?

  3. c4bl3fl4m3 says:

    I think I just figured out from that article that I'm an eclectic too, only not just within Paganism, but with all religions. (Does that make me UU? ;-) )

    However, to be honest, I felt offended by the example she used about the Catholic girl. She assumes that the girl didn't learn jack about the roots of her religion, when there's no way of inferring that. Not only that, she seemed to put her down for using birth control and boinking a guy... things that her very own religion thinks are ok. And what ever happened to the 3fold thing? Doesn't she think her own condemnation of that girl in the example will come back to her? It just came off to me as very "MY religion is ok, but the way YOU practice YOUR religion is WRONG." I'm sorry, but if eclecticism is ok for Pagans, it's ok for Catholics too.

    Not only that, because of the strict rules of Catholicism, Catholics NEED that ability to pick and choose more than the Pagans do. Paganism is a very allowing religion. Even if one person had to pick a specific form of Pagan and stick with it, they could still pretty much do whatever they wanted in their life. But being a Roman Catholic, it really isn't like that. Catholics really NEED the abiilty to make up for their own minds what's ok and what's not.

    I just don't like her "grazing at the Salad Bar is wrong, but what *I'M* doing isn't grazing". Well who the fuck said that grazing is wrong? And why? If something moves your soul, even if you don't know jack about its past, who is anyone else to tell you that it's appropriation? Many religions believe in a divine knowing or the divine imparting you with information... if it's moving you, then perhaps the divine is giving you all you need to know about it.

    I say, whatever works for you is what's important. You don't need to justify to me or anyone else that you're not picking and choosing. Picking and choosing is just fine by me.

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