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September 26, 2008

Master debation

Rob @ 9:00 PM

Just about time for the debate. I've got Nicky on Skype and we're going to check it out together. I'll just add to this one post as it goes.

9:03 - Jim Lehrer is comfortably familiar.

I always wonder what personal jabs and hate-filled hissing are in those friendly-looking muttering initial handshakes between the candidates at these things.


McCain's invoking Senator Kennedy instead of answering the damned question. Also, McC is giving his condolences that Ted is in the hospital, when the currrent word is he's home again. Good jaerb.

9:09 - Lehrer is getting bitchy already. Good, we need that.

9:11 - McC - "Yeah, I warned 'em about this financial crisis too just like Obama did or something let's talk about Eisenhower now."

9:15 - McC responds to a question about how we fix things with a bunch of "I believe in the American worker" rhetoric.

Don't you think McCain looks tired?

Nicky: "Out of control spending is a gateway to out of control spending? It's all so clear now!"

McC brought a pen. Yay! High-energy prop comedy time! Where's Carrot Top?

9:20 - McCain at a debate: "I don't wanna go back-and-forth, but..."

Obama has this permanent WTF look on his face.

This blue screen behind the guys would work so well for chromakey lulz. Get to it, Youtubers.

McC wants to give us $5,000 tax credits so we can buy our own healthcare. That would be neat if 5K bought any healthcare at all.

9:26: Bring on the bailout talk. This ought to be entertaining.

9:30 - O is going on about infrastructure and spacewalks in response to a bailout question. I do hope one of these guys gets somewhere near an answer to the actual question that Jim gives them at some point.

Jim is pwning both these guys left and right. Can we just make him the fucking president?

Jim Lehrer is so able to say "stfu and answer my question you twunts!" so politely and diplomatically. I hope that works out for him at some point.

9:35 - I wish I could give Jim a hug. He needs one right now.

O is referring to the somewhat positive outcome of the Great Depression when he talks about what we have to look forward to after the current crisis. How apt.

McC can't pronounce "Senator Obama." It comes out like "Sennero Bomma." Sounds like an Italian/Greek restaurant.

Oh, here comes the "v" word. Yep, veteran war hero stars and stripes forever time. How long until someone plays the 9/11 card?

9:39 - McC: "You cannot have a failed strategy that will cause you to nearly lose a conflict." WHAT THE CRAP DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

9:47 - O just handed McC his ass over Iraq. In response, McC is intoning in a kindly grandfatherly voice how terrible it is that O won't admit that we are totes winning over there.

O just said he wants to "capture and kill Bin Laden." Ouch. I'd have used the word "punish" or "bring to justice" or something.

9:52 - I like how O pronounces "Pakistan." "Pahkistahn."

Did McC really just say that you don't say out loud who you are going to attack? Nicky raises a great point; shouldn't you do exactly that, so they have a chance to go "OMG we'd better negotiate before they kick our ass?"

9:57 - McC is talking about when he voted on something in the senate in 1983.
Me: "25 years ago."
Nicky: "And 25 years ago.. he was still old."

10:00 - Stuff like little town hall meetings in New Hampshire and some lady giving you her son's bracelet have no place in a televised presidential debate. Save the schmoopy human interest crap for your paid adverts.

10:03 - Someone give Jim Lehrer a pizza. Or a trophy. Or a pizza trophy.

WTF is "an existential threat?" Is it a threat that is being emo and unsure about its place in the world?

Actually, McCain forgot Poland.

O seems to be keeping his microphone's shadow perfectly centered on his necktie. It's hypnotic.

10:14 - Oh no, McC did NOT just invoke Reagan as a good thing. *headdesk*

10:17 - Obama totally remembered Poland!

O is working with Senator Luger on the weapons situation. I wonder if Senators Colt, Smith, and Wesson are helping.

10:19 - NOW McC remembers Poland. Took you long enough, granddad!

McC's fingers are like a bunch of pale doughy pigs in blankets, before they've been baked.

McC's smile is a terrifying, withered, yellowed rictus. If that man never smiles again, it'll be too soon for me.

10:26 - 9/11 the whole 9/11 with 9/11. 9/11!

10:31 - Why would McC be invoking Reagan so much? Doesn't he know that Reagan was a deluded, senile, doddering old fool who was way too old to be put in control of - oh, wait.

Nicky: "Normalization of relations? Did you use a bell curve?"

That caps this off, and I'm not interested in the talking heads afterward. I agree with Nicky; this debate was a damned train wreck, and the only winner was Jim Lehrer.

5 Responses to “Master debation”

  1. Ann says:

    I was surprised by how actually interested in the debate I turned out to be.

    The talking heads on pbs afterword were saying it was sad that neither candidate spouted any snappy soundbites. But I hear soundbites every day in the political ads. I'm glad this was different.

    And please, in a time of economic trouble, the ONLY thing McC will spend on is the military and veterans?

    If FDR had that strategy, we'd never have gotten out of the Depression...

    Tomorrow: I go to, and see which of their words were the most accurate.

  2. Kristina says:

    Hey, followed the link here from faceless_wonder cuz I was curious.

    But I do have a serious question (ok, semi-serious)

    Straw poll, who-all noticed that McCain was the one not wearing a flag pin tonight???

  3. nicky says:

    i totally didn't notice that! then again, i was watching the debate on a few-inch-square portion of my computer monitor, taking advantage of WETA's the resolution may not have been good enough. [or, i never pay attention to who's wearing what pins...that could also be it. :D ]

    that's interesting, though...wonder what the republicans are going to have to say about that, after the stink they made about flag pins earlier.

  4. Kymus says:

    IMO, these debates (and really, almost the entire election process in general) is about as real as WWF. The fix is certainly in; I'm just not sure who the pre-decided winner is (though I'm almost ready to predict McCain even though Obama is leading him by 50+% in the polls I've seen). Really for me, it boils down to who I'd rather stand looking at (Obama; though Biden's closeness with the RIAA concerns me) but regardless, none of them are worth my vote since none of them plan on restoring the constitution or closing down the federal reserve (and start backing our money with gold again).

    I think that inclusive to the debates, there should be a sort of lightning round where you get some pissed off official like Ron Paul or Cynthia McKinney and they just grill the shit out of the candidates on all the fucked up shit they've done (and then have a red light with a buzzer for whenever they tell a known lie).

  5. Kristina says:

    I disagree with everything Kymus said until the last point. I love the idea of the lightning round!!

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