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October 24, 2008

I feel so much safer.

Rob @ 3:53 PM

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The U.S. Government has long maintained a policy that they have the right to stop and search anyone at the border. The Department of Homeland Security is now taking the position that "the border" is the 100-mile wide strip that wraps around the "external boundary" of the United States.

The ACLU took all the recent census maps and came to a rather surprising conclusion.

What we found is that fully TWO-THIRDS of the United States' population lives within this Constitution-free or Constitution-lite Zone. That’s 197.4 million people who live within 100 miles of the US land and coastal borders.

That means the Fourth Amendment of the constitution, barring random and arbitrary stops and searches, does not apply to two-thirds of U.S. Citizens.

(Source, by way of The Triumph of Bullshit)

5 Responses to “I feel so much safer.”

  1. kat says:

    this isn't really anything new. there's a border patrol station like 2 hours drive into New Mexico -- when i lived in Las Cruces (about a half hour's drive from El Paso, TX), i drove through it all the time going between Cruces and Albuquerque. you have to pull off the highway and stop to answer questions from the border police. i never got searched, but then again, i'm very white (and very polite to authority figures, at least to their faces). i'm sure they searched cars and such though, on the slightest suspicion of drugs or illegal immigrants.

  2. kat says:

    oh hey, LC is even on that little map! yeah, that border station is probably about where the orange line falls, if i had to guess.

  3. nicky says:

    chicago: we've got more murders, but hey! we've got less homeland security people, too!

  4. Brewster says:

    I wonder how many registered Democrats live within this zone?

  5. Sidepocket says:

    It's offical...New Jersey is now legally a lawless place to live!

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