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October 30, 2008


Rob @ 2:36 PM

Sunday: Adopted a new cat from an ex-coworker. It's big, jet black, and angry.

Monday: Said black cat stopped hissing and scratching at me, and started being friendly upon noticing my enormous potential as a source of table scraps. Got my first purr out of him. My sister called him "Carlito," and it seems to have stuck.

Tuesday: I bought a bunch of trousers my size, brought them home, and found out they are loose. Apparently, I've gone down a size. Belts and weight loss for the win.

Wednesday: Had a lot of fun on the last big pre-election episode of Off the Hook.

Tonight: I shall collect my lovely girlfriend Nicky from the airport. Squee!

Tomorrow: Along with Nicky, some NYC2600 folks, and anyone else local who would like to meet up, I shall be marching in the Village Halloween Parade. After the parade, there will be a 24-hour-long set of renegade shenanigans orchestrated by The Danger, those zany individuals behind things like "One Night of Fire." I shall definitely check that out, dragging her Nickyship (and anyone else who wishes) along.

If any of you local folks would like to join us for any of tomorrow's festivities, please get in touch ASAP! The more, the merrier.

3 Responses to “Yay.”

  1. nicky says:

    i doubt you can describe bringing me to those shenanigans as "dragging" me.

    her nickyship goes willingly. :D

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