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October 24, 2008

Myanmar Scrape

Rob @ 11:57 AM

My girl and I
Love roadside verse
I made this board
She posted first

October 16, 2008


Rob @ 12:19 PM

this image is an example of humor, though not much of one
Hi, my name is Obviousy McJokenstein.

Still, this flick actually looks maybe a bit cool or something, possibly.

Start your eyeballs!

Rob @ 12:11 PM

The Eyeballing Game. This will mess with you. I average about four points.

(via The Triumph of Bullshit)

October 14, 2008


Rob @ 3:52 PM

Since I'm on the air tomorrow night, I won't be home in time to live-blog the last Presidential debate. Who is self-destructive brave enough to watch and snark at it in my stead?

In related news, I was on Wikipedia for some reason earlier when I noticed a "You have a new message on your talk page" thing. I wasn't signed into my account, I was just using the corporate IP here at my day job. Intrigued, I clicked the talk page and found a standard milquetoast "Welcome to Wikipedia! Please please don't vandalize us anymore like you did on (name of a flamebait political article) or we'll have no choice but to revert it and ask you not to vandalize us again" template. I went to the article's history and checked out what this mysterious person on my network did, and it was a fairly pointed and angry flame toward the article's subject.

I have no idea which of my co-workers is responsible, but I'm strangely impressed. I honestly didn't think anyone here had it in them.

Jim is back!

Rob @ 4:05 AM

After about four days missing, Jim walked back into the nursing home yesterday evening. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for evaluation.

Jim's family and friends, myself included, are extremely grateful for everyone's help and support.

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