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December 24, 2008

Mystery Science Theater 419

Rob @ 9:21 AM

Thanks to the magic of inexpensive VOIP, 419 scammers have recently begun to include contact telephone numbers in their scammy emails. Here's an example from my own inbox.


Your email have been lucky to have been selected among 50 Recipient of 1,200,000.00Euros. each by EL GORDO DE LA PRIMITIVA ANNUAL PROMOTION. For further inquiry, please Contact our claim desk with your mobile number home, and office numbers immediately.

Claim Department:
Dr.Robert Brook
TEL:+34 675 356 263 .

Your`s Sincerely,
Mrs.Maria Jose Pedro

To the severely uninformed, the actual chance to call up a human and talk to him adds a layer of authenticity to the whole transaction, and increases the chance that they'll fall for the scam.

To the informed and mischievous, it provides a way to bust some chops and waste the time of the folks responsible for clogging your inbox with crap. Thanks to the time zones, it's also terribly easy to call when it is, for them, an ungodly hour of the early AM, and get them out of bed in order to try and hook you into their evil scheme.

Naturally, thanks to that same magical cheap VOIP, prank-calling these folks has become a hobby of mine. Here's a call to the above number I made last night while on the phone with Nicky. Thanks to her Skype recorder, we're passing the savings onto you.

I started out using a generic stoner voice, but about a minute and a half in I decided to change into Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Evidently, the scammer isn't a MSTie.

2 Responses to “Mystery Science Theater 419”

  1. nicky says:

    you win the award for Best Blog Entry Title Ever. congratulations.

  2. Hilarious. OMFG.

    "Because, like, these people have me here, and I can't get home... they have me here and they make me watch movies, and it's kind of a bummer."

    Seriously, I'm laughing so hard I'm bothering my roommates.

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