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January 25, 2009

"Please explain your communication."

Rob @ 2:04 AM

You may be aware that I've recently begun prank calling 419 scammers who send me spam.

The other night, for a phone call to a scammer in the Benin Republic, I decided to whip out my impression of K-9, the faithful robot dog from Doctor Who and associated spinoffs.

It went pretty well; I've done lots of improv as the character (usually in the context of fic-writing and RPG campaigns) and my vocal impression ranges from passable with accent fail to surprisingly good actually. So K-9 was pretty true to K-9, and the scammer was appropriately confused.

However, I did not expect the call to go on for 45 freaking minutes. By the end I was just trying anything to get him to hang up on me without breaking character. It turns out that scammers are remarkably like customer service people; they really, really don't want to hang up on you for anything, even when they're bitching you out for daring to call them a scammer, and then repeating their scam pitch yet again.

I debated putting this call online since it's such a monster, but Nicky convinced me with her debating powers. So, if you're so inclined and you've a clear schedule, you can check it out here. (45 MB mp3) You can hear more and more mute spots in my side of the convo as the call goes on; that's where I had to click off my mic and laugh my head off until I collapsed into coughing fits.

3 Responses to “"Please explain your communication."”

  1. Kymus says:

    Way to go Rob!

    It was those fucking scammers that took all my dad's money >_>

    He would have been proud of you (being a smart ass himself) :D

  2. nicky says:

    brilliant. i'm about ten minutes in, you are reading the wikipedia about western africa, and i am laughing so hard that i'm really, really glad that i don't have office neighbours. <3

  3. Cyrus says:

    I guess this would qualify as a "sales pitch fail".

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