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April 2, 2009

It's evil o'clock

Rob @ 1:14 PM

No apologies for the April Fool's episode of Off the Hook. This was an absolute blast to do, and I think everyone involved did an awesome job. If several rounds of frightened, confused, and amused responses are any indication, mission accomplished! If you haven't listened yet, I highly recommend checking it out.

Speaking of hacker talk radio and mischief, here's a brilliant Off the Hook-related stunt which was pulled on me last month. Way back on March 4th, we reported on a woman who was suing Facebook because a group of her peers were saying nasty things about her in a Facebook group; for example, suggesting that she "engages in bestiality and contracted AIDS." We were going back and forth over the issue, playing a bit of devil's advocate, as we do. Whilst pondering what I would do in such a situation, I flippantly blurted out "well, I'm not about to go home and pre-emptively register 'Rob T Firefly engages in bestiality and contracted AIDS dot com.'"

Of course, someone else did. (Despite the URL, that site is SFW and hilarious, though I imagine the domain name itself might raise a few eyebrows in your job's system logs.)

The responsible party or parties did come forward, but I won't name them unless they choose to out themselves. I'll only say they're brilliant, they made me laugh harder than I had in a long time just when I really needed to, and I'm totally honored by the gag!

They were even kind enough to give me an email forwarder on it; if you send anything to rob@ that domain, it will in fact reach me.

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