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May 29, 2009

Video post

Rob @ 10:50 AM

The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations - Mara showed me this one. It's completely brilliant, and painfully true for any freelancer.

Transforminators - I think I'd rather see this film than either of the films it's mashing up.

Mad Zac's Post Apocalyptic Adventure - SORP Films' submission to a jelly company's commercial contest. The fact that it didn't win is a sticky fruit-flavored crime against humanity. Zac explains the whole thing in the beginning, or you can skip ahead to 2:28 or so to get straight to the ad.

Henry Rollins vs. Iggy Pop - Rollins discusses trying to out-rock Iggy. Hell of a story if you've got 20 minutes.

Hyperland - Douglas Adams (yes, that Douglas Adams) and Tom Baker (yes, that Tom Baker) star in a 1990 fantasy documentary about interactive and interconnected information, including hypertext and the emerging Internet.

May 27, 2009

Community through enforced brevity, plus hax.

Rob @ 4:10 PM

Twitter is fun so far. I take back one or two of the bad things I've said about it.

In unrelated news, Grey and I went to Borders yesterday. For some strange reason the book-lookup kiosk decided to display her picture.

May 26, 2009


Rob @ 4:22 AM

All the cool kids are doing it, apparently. It's been on TV and everything.

I can't yet say whether I'll keep using this or not. We shall see!

May 22, 2009


Rob @ 7:00 PM

I just completed a very short-term temp assignment; they only needed me for half-days yesterday and today.

I live on the South Shore of Long Island, and the gig was located up toward the North Shore. Public transport on Long Island is generally serviceable if you want to go east or west, but for travel north or south you're stuck hopping, zigzagging, and transferring from line to line in a bizarre parody of Frogger. And the connections are crap, especially during rush hour.

In strictly linear terms, as the chronometer flies, my commute was about two hours more than I was actually present at the job.

I'm now ready to stretch out, have some ice cream, crank up a bunch of Barney Miller episodes and call it a freaking day.

May 19, 2009

I love my mom sometimes.

Rob @ 11:37 PM

Walking down a store aisle with my mom earlier today...

Me: Oh look, Aerobed mattresses. Those are what Aerosmith sleep on.

Mom: Actually no, they don't sleep, they just drink and do coke. And when they want to lie down, they go to rehab.

Me: ...

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