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May 19, 2009

I love my mom sometimes.

Rob @ 11:37 PM

Walking down a store aisle with my mom earlier today...

Me: Oh look, Aerobed mattresses. Those are what Aerosmith sleep on.

Mom: Actually no, they don't sleep, they just drink and do coke. And when they want to lie down, they go to rehab.

Me: ...

6 Responses to “I love my mom sometimes.”

  1. nicky says:

    that's a special kind of special.

  2. Ann says:

    Dad bought an Aerobed for me, when it got to be too much trouble to get up the stairs to my childhood room. It was actually quite comfy... until the spark from the fireplace burned a hole in it, and it could never be completely repaired...

    But that bit is neither here nor there.

  3. Mara says:

    Mrs. Vincent FTW!

  4. Ellipser says:

    I love your mom too! :D Thanks for the smile.

  5. Sidepocket says:

    I think your Mom and my Mom would be BBFL.

  6. c4bl3fl4m3 says:

    Your mom can be pretty cool sometimes. Like that time she took me for hot dogs and coffee sodas from that truck I think near an airport near you.

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