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May 22, 2009


Rob @ 7:00 PM

I just completed a very short-term temp assignment; they only needed me for half-days yesterday and today.

I live on the South Shore of Long Island, and the gig was located up toward the North Shore. Public transport on Long Island is generally serviceable if you want to go east or west, but for travel north or south you're stuck hopping, zigzagging, and transferring from line to line in a bizarre parody of Frogger. And the connections are crap, especially during rush hour.

In strictly linear terms, as the chronometer flies, my commute was about two hours more than I was actually present at the job.

I'm now ready to stretch out, have some ice cream, crank up a bunch of Barney Miller episodes and call it a freaking day.

2 Responses to “harrumph”

  1. Sidepocket says:

    Sounds like a good idea.

    Now you know what NJ Transhit is like. :D

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