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May 29, 2009

Video post

Rob @ 10:50 AM

The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations - Mara showed me this one. It's completely brilliant, and painfully true for any freelancer.

Transforminators - I think I'd rather see this film than either of the films it's mashing up.

Mad Zac's Post Apocalyptic Adventure - SORP Films' submission to a jelly company's commercial contest. The fact that it didn't win is a sticky fruit-flavored crime against humanity. Zac explains the whole thing in the beginning, or you can skip ahead to 2:28 or so to get straight to the ad.

Henry Rollins vs. Iggy Pop - Rollins discusses trying to out-rock Iggy. Hell of a story if you've got 20 minutes.

Hyperland - Douglas Adams (yes, that Douglas Adams) and Tom Baker (yes, that Tom Baker) star in a 1990 fantasy documentary about interactive and interconnected information, including hypertext and the emerging Internet.

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  1. Brewster says:

    Hyperland was the one, if memory serves, with the infamous publicity pic of Tom Baker in a tutu, no?

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