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July 27, 2009

Bell Odyssey

Rob @ 6:02 PM

13 years ago to the day, my friend RBCP released issue 39 if the PLA zine containing, among other things, the lyrics to David Bowie's "Space Odyssey" rewritten to tell the story of a hapless telephone lineman called Bob.

Today, I recorded and released the song. It's all part of my secret plan to be David Bowie. Hear it here and accept my apologies.

Special thanks to This Is a Recording for the phone company clips.

3 Responses to “Bell Odyssey”

  1. RBCP says:

    It's the best song ever! I look forward to stealing it for use in a future PLA Radio!

  2. nicky says:

    i still maintain that you're far more awesome than David Bowie. :)

  3. Chaz says:

    RBCP/Brad just aired Bell Odyssey at the end of The Snow Plough Show this past Friday! Expect some additional traffic to download this fantastic song!

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