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August 22, 2009

Storms are SRS BSNS. >:-[

Rob @ 12:36 PM

When the end of a romance is marked by changing one's online profiles to reflect "single" status, it must be... the future!

Nicky and I had That Conversation yesterday morning. Later in the evening, my area had a brilliant thunderstorm. Normally I'd be pressed against my window and eagerly watching the lightning, but this time i just shut my eyes, stretched out in the dark, and meditated on things as the sound of the thunder washed over me.

A storm is just a meteorological disparity, a chunk of the atmosphere being pulled back into equilibrium with the atmosphere around it. I allowed myself to fall into sync with the storm. Areas of high and low pressure struggled against each other, had their explosions and outbursts, and generally acted like they weren't all just parts of the same whole for a while. Outside as well as within, it all needed to happen in order to bring that whole back into equilibrium with itself.

Nicky and I are still on the best of terms, with absolutely no hard feelings whatsoever, and we're both looking forward to continuing our frankly quite amazing friendship. We had a great year as a couple which I wouldn't trade for anything, but our madcap adventures are clearly just beginning. The two of us have got more work to do in each others' lives, and I'm honored and privileged to continue to call Nicolle my dear friend.

4 Responses to “Storms are SRS BSNS. >:-[”

  1. snowgrouse says:

    *squishes* I hope the best for both of you. I'm really glad you can be sensible and adult about it. I really envy that. *yet more huggles*

  2. Grey Frequency says:


  3. Brad Carter says:

    Sorry to hear it, Rob! *manly fistbump of understandingz*

    Good to know I'll still be seeing you both at cons, though, since you both kind of rule.

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