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October 16, 2009

Save the Clock Tower!

Rob @ 4:10 PM

For those of you wondering who I plan to dress as in the Village Halloween Parade this year, behold the glorious bit part that is the "Save the Clock Tower!" lady from Back to the Future.
video clip

I'm mostly thrifting for the clothes, designing the props from scratch, repurposing a "Mrs. Santa Claus" wig, and abandoning all hope of maintaining personal dignity.

I'm cutting things a bit close; I haven't gathered nearly enough of the gear together and it's only two weeks away, but as my friend and fellow Back to the Future addict Brad reminded me, cutting these things close really is the BTTF way.

So, who's willing to be seen with me in public interested in coming with to the parade? Get in touch! Don't leave an old lady hanging.

10 Responses to “Save the Clock Tower!”

  1. nicky says:

    bloody brilliant, that!

    sadly, i'll be in st. louis for halloween. :( have fun at the parade...and pics, or it didn't happen!

  2. Brad Carter says:

    I wish I could come to NYC for a Halloween parade some year. We don't even have Halloween parades in my city. I can't wait to see your finished costume.

  3. Brewster says:


    ... win. I'll see if I am available on parade night.

  4. Leo says:

    I'm gonna have to one up you. I'll go....AS THE CLOCKTOWER!

    /no, not really. 'Twill be too hard to walk around.

  5. sidepocket says:

    I'm actually talking over with The Yes Men HQ for one of them Survivaballs right now.

    Although watching that clip again made we wonder if that what us Save the Hotel Penn people looked like to normal folk. -,-;

    Anyhow, should be an uber fun parade! Especially after I give out my Trick & Treat (courtesy of Spenser's Gifts) before I leave! =D

  6. Labythan says:

    I have to hand it to you, that kicks my costume idea's ass. I can't wait to see it!

  7. Rachael from Work says:


    I will be locked up on halloween studying for my test. BOOOOO for being locked up on Halloween.

    Look forward to the pics!

    Hope all is well!

  8. Labythan says:

    Do you mind if I steal your costume idea and do my own Minnesotan version of it?

  9. Rob says:

    @Labythan - Hah, sure! Go for it.

  10. Labythan says:

    Ok, here's my entry to the costume:

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery?

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