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December 3, 2009


Rob @ 1:40 AM

Once again, I pester my NYC-local friends to come out to the Players Club tonight at 8:30 PM to check out the first public reading of the up and coming musical Aisle Six. The full production will premiere in the mysterious future, but this is your chance for a sneak preview of the script as delivered by a portion of its cast in a prestigious and historical library. Not all of the show is approved for public consumption yet, but the missing bits will be delivered by linking narration.

When you arrive at the place (16 Gramercy Park South) you can check your bags and coats at the door (no charge) and proceed to the library on the second floor. Please note that the Players Club does have a dress code (business casual; no "athletic wear") and other house rules.

The show is free but the room isn't that large, so be sure to get there early enough to get a spot.

3 Responses to “DO THIS TONIGHT.”

  1. Can't make tonight but hope to next time! Keep us posted.

  2. sidepocket says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the dress code, I'm just getting ready to head out for the Yes Men event and now I know how to dress.

    See ya there! =D

  3. sidepocket says:

    Ok that tonight thing I do and it was awesome. All you people that missed it were really, really lame.

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