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January 2, 2010

The End of Time

Rob @ 9:38 AM

Without spoiling anything, I'll just go on record as saying I found The End of Time a mostly brilliant and wonderful way to wrap up the current story arcs, cap off an era of Doctor Who whose capping-off time really had come, and show the world how full of utter absolute WIN Wilfred Mott is.

BBC have posted a teaser for the next season (no spoilers for the RTD episodes) which gets me all excited for new New Who.

I wouldn't be a proper Who fan if I didn't find something to preemptively nitpick, though. The graphic designer in me is really not digging this new banner. "DoctorDWwho?" Really?

4 Responses to “The End of Time”

  1. nicky says:

    well, i like how the DW in the middle is made to suggest a TARDIS, but putting that in the middle of the name is a graphic design fail, agreed.

  2. The trailer stimulated neurons in my cerebral cortex causing me to feel a rush of excitement I have not felt in some time. Wow. No, seriously looks good. Too bad the banner does not have the same sort of desirable effect.

  3. Labythan says:

    I demand more blogging!

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