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March 7, 2010

¿Y entonces?

Rob @ 5:31 PM

Just went shopping in a grocery store in a Latino neighborhood, a small place with really skinny aisles. Out of deference to the majority, I tend to revert to Spanish for the polite "excuse me, pardon me" type of stuff necessary there.

Gringos - not sympathizers like myself with multiracial family, but completely WASPy white people - are a rare sight in that store, but they do pop up now and then. So when I scooted past one couple with a polite "perdóname," I wasn't expecting the man to grumble at his wife that "these people really oughtta learn to speak English to us" as I went by.

Judging by his expression, he wasn't expecting the big laugh and the "well, not with that attitude, pal!" he got back from me.

7 Responses to “¿Y entonces?”

  1. nicky says:

    well played! :D

  2. Peter says:

    Bravo ^_^

  3. Marie says:

    "These people". Seriously f*** you.

  4. Mara Alexander says:

    Times when you really should have a video-cam-totting entourage following you around...

  5. murd0c says:

    I prefer the polish section of the IGA in Copiague. When I can't use my words to get around those Eastern europeans, much like hacking, i'll just use brute force.

  6. Grey Frequency says:

    I love when you use your superpowers for the side of good. *hug*

  7. sidepocket says:

    Thank you for making my day. =P

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