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April 27, 2010

Hello (again) World!

Rob @ 1:41 AM

Just imported the posts from my old blog address into here. Eight years' worth of posts transferred smoothly! Now, to figure out what to write in the rest of this new site which doesn't involve shamelessly cribbing stuff from myself-of-the-past.

Speaking of the all-new me dot net, please excuse the rubble. Not everything works yet, a lot of things are placeholders, and I'll probably find a lot of new ways to break stuff over the next couple of days, but in the end I believe I'll be the proudest I've been of my web presence since I discovered GIF animating and MIDI embedding in 1997.

14 Responses to “Hello (again) World!”

  1. nicky says:

    ...and i have made a new livejournal syndication, at rtf_blog. :D

    • Rob says:

      You didn't have to do that, I'd already opened a ticket to get rob_vincent switched over to the new feed. XD They'll probably just merge them or something.

      I appreciate the effort, though.

      Also, ohai nested comments and gravatar support!

      • Brewster says:

        Meep! I wondered why your blog had disappeared from LJ. Thank goodness I also follow your Twitter.

        Spiffy new space! I like it.

  2. Brianbot says:

    Not only that, I have subscribed to nicky's syndication!

  3. Jordan White says:

    Squish it! Skew it! Turn it all around!

    I see that you took a cue from the fast-food, soft drink, and bad sports team industries in combat sluggish sales and decades of losing with a slick logo redesign!

    Good job! =D

  4. Amy says:

    But but more typing the word "the" you know I human? :P

    • Rob says:

      Hah! I have a little time to play with some different antispam stuff and make a decision before the bots descend upon this site.

  5. Mara says:

    Hummmm... needs more blinky tags, and a dancing baby or twenty.


  6. Mara says:

    And by-the-by...I just read your "New hotness" post. Feedburner and .htaccess (for a redirect) would have you all set up, no need to have "switching RSS feeds" blues.

    • Rob says:

      I'll do the .htaccess redirect soonish. I'd rather not get mixed up with Feedburner if I can avoid it; I generally distrust free stuff under other peoples' control and avoid depending on such things for anything important.

  7. Labythan says:

    More content plox!

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