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September 3, 2010

Blame it on the rain

Rob @ 12:07 AM

Hurricane Earl is scheduled to whip up a froth in the ocean not far from my house this evening. Not only am I skipping NYC2600 because of this, but I'm now focusing on getting as much of my pile of computer-based work done as possible before the power and/or the Internet service goes out. If I fall out of touch for a little while, this would be why. I'll likely still be able to text-message my Twitter if that happens, so any necessary "I ATEN'T DED" posts will probably show up there first.

On the brighter side, please join me in wishing my best friend and co-conspirator Grey Frequency a happy birthday! Happy birthday, Grey! I heard you like nature, so I got you a big spinning knot of it. Right now it's in the ocean for safe keeping, expect it to arrive this evening. :-D

2 Responses to “Blame it on the rain”

  1. nicky says:

    only you would turn an impending hurricane into a Milli Vanilli reference. :D

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