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October 7, 2010

Star Trek cutaway

Rob @ 4:28 PM

TOS: Hey, look, Klingons! The evillest aliens ever that could totally kick our ass if Kirk weren't so awesome.

TNG: But THIS Klingon is nice and on our side and our BFF!

DS9: Yeah and look, these other Klingons are nice too.

TOS: Um. Okay, how about Romulans? They're cold-blooded killers that would totes kick the crap out of us if Kirk and Spock weren't so busy being Nifty and Snazzy McHotpiss.

TNG: Except some Romulans are nice, and Spock is off being their BFF. You want an arch enemy? How about these menacing little Ferengi we've got now? They're all strange-looking and mysterious and shadowy.

DS9: But THIS Ferengi is nice! He's our irascible BFF who just pretends to be a dick but really loves us. And he has a happy Ferengi family that are so cute and lovable.

TNG: WTF? Um. Well, check out the Cardassians! They're reptiley and scary and torture the crap out of people and make them eat bugs.

DS9: Cardassians? You mean like that really sweet guy who makes our clothes and dispenses sage advice?

TOS: Duuude.

TNG: Shut up, you. Um, screw all that anyway. The real threat are the Borg. Look how unstoppable they are! Assimilate this, no emotions that, pure cold evil logic that will absorb and end it all! There's a threat.

VOY: Except THIS Borg is nice! She's our Borgy BFF who goes around in a shiny catsuit and teaches us all about life and love and stuff. With boobies. And here's a whole bunch of other nice Borg.

TNG: Oh, for the love of...

VOY: You guys want an ultimate threat? What about Species 847- oh, wait, never mind. Erm. Forget we said anything.

ENT: Hey guys! What are y'all talking about? :D

TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY: Go away, kid. Nobody cares about you.

ENT: And there's the real enemy! Audience indifference! That, my friends, is our really unbeatable threat. :)))

JJA: *lens flare* OMG U GUISE u wuz sayin? ^_^ lulz omg lol bbq *lens flare* *Nokia* *hype* *Budweiser* *hype* *lens flare* *Beastie Boys* *lens flare* btw u allz never happinz nao lol rofl ^_^ *lens flare*


ENT: Yay! Screw those jerks. Wanna be BFFs?

JJA: *lens flare* go wai n00b lol ^_^ *lens flare*

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  1. Ann says:


    Thanks for bringing a laugh, and preempting what might have turned out to be a disappointing day...

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