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November 5, 2010

Guy Doc’s Night

Rob @ 5:14 PM

The Fifth of November, 1955

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The scientist hanging a clock,
Who knew on that date,
That fortune and fate,
Would reveal so much more to the Doc.
Doc Brown, Doc Brown, he did invent
Such objects of folly, with good intent,
He tumbled and fell in his lavatory
But soon after took to his lab'ratory
For though he'd been woefully injur'ed
A vision unfurled in his bruis'ed head
Great Scott! Great Scott! From this disaster
Great Scott! Great Scott! The Flux Capac'tor!
And what did he do with it? Build it!

And here's a drawing.
And here's a video.

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  1. Brad Carter says:

    Nice poem! I'm only posting this so I can get you to watch a moderately funny SNL skit about Back to the Future. You have to skip ahead in the video to see the two skits, but it's kind of worth it.

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