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November 12, 2010


Rob @ 12:28 PM

My first official act this morning as a wise old man of age 33 was to rewatch the film Coneheads. AS YOU CAN SEE I AM HANDLING SRS BSNS TODAY.

My birthday is neat, but I'll be even more excited in four months when I can celebrate being 33 1/3.

Incidentally '33 is the release year of Duck Soup, one of my two favorite Marx Brothers films. If you'd really like to give me something for my birthday, go watch that film and let me know what you thought of it. (My other favorite Marx film is A Night at the Opera, but since that came out in '35 I won't harass you to watch it for another two years.)

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  1. Jordan White says:

    ...WTF!?! How did I miss this? HOW DID I MISS THIS!?! :(

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