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November 25, 2010


Rob @ 4:32 PM

I am participating in a traditional ritual observance, in preparation for which I have forced spiced stale bread cuboids into the excavated abdominopelvic body cavity of a deceased avian creature. I am now charring the corpse in an enclosed flame chamber while periodically dousing it in its own heated and released bodily fluids, with the ultimate goal of consuming mass quantities of its flesh with my nuclear family unit.

Thanksgiving dinner! I will enjoy it.

4 Responses to “Gobbles.”

  1. Brewster North says:

    Hapy T-day!

  2. Jordan White says:

    Joseph Gobbles!?! WHERE??? *hides*

  3. nicky says:

    happy thanksgiving! :D

  4. turkey corps exquisit.

    thank you for being puzzling in this verification.

    i like your funnies and am glad you are sometimes in my Internet.

    not a euphemism. there are children present.

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