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February 18, 2011

Brushing away the dust again

Rob @ 9:18 PM

Hey everyone, remember back when I knew how to keep a proper blog?

The main culprit for my drifting away has got to be Twitter; the busier I get, the easier it is to just fling random thoughts into that tiny box rather than further develop and expand upon them. That must have something to do with why Twitter has blown up so massively; there's some seriously fast-paced 21st-century-level stuff going on in which people have found they are able to adequately express themselves in between gulps of a latte, while walking from one room to another, during major surgery (giving or receiving,) or whatever. Tweeting is always as accessible as your phone, so easy, so convenient, so instant-gratification, and so damned now.

I mercilessly teased my Twitter-using friends at the start. I'm even on record doing so, there are archived Off the Hook episodes in which Twitter was mentioned and I passed one snarky comment or another about how my randomness could never fit in those silly tiny tweet boxes the kids seem to like nowadays. I eventually tried it out, dubiously at first, and very quickly found myself hooked for the above reasons and others. I soon grew into, while not the most frequent and passionate Twitterer in the world, more of one than quite a few of the folks I was chiding back then.

In all honesty, though, it's all made me a little bit sad. I miss my blog! So much has happened I'd love to have properly journaled, but I ended up just tweeting and setting adrift. I feel like it's time to get back into my home in the blogosphere proper, and once again begin regularly expressing myself in longer cohesive units right here on my comfy old website. Fear not, my dear fellow netizens, for Twitter hasn't claimed me entirely after all! There is still some fight in this stubborn old blogger yet! I say to you now, you can expect more proper blog posts from me!

...yes, I'll post their links to Twitter.