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March 28, 2011

Aisle Six

Rob @ 8:27 PM

Aisle Six poster - Hondo
Some of you may know about Aisle Six, the darkly comic and insane piece of musical theatre I've been fortunate enough to find myself part of. A very early draft of the show was performed in front of a small audience a while back. A lot of work has been done on the show since then, and we're all quite proud of it. I think we have something really special on our hands. That's where you come in; if you're in the NYC area, we need you to come see it!

Our next public reading of the show will take place on the evening of Monday, April 11th, at 7:30 PM. We are hosted once again by the historic and distinguished Players Club, and we will be presenting a complete reading with singing and puppetry and gratuitous violence and sweary language and everything. One very important ingredient, however, is beyond our direct control: we need your butt in a seat.

My co-star and I.
The show is free of charge, but you'll need to arrive on time as space will be limited. The Players Club is located at 16 Gramercy Park South. The club has house rules you'll need to follow; for instance, business casual dress is required (no "athletic" attire,) coats and baggage must be checked at the front desk (no charge,) and so on. For more info on the club, have a look at its Wikipedia entry.

For more info on Aisle Six, see the author's page and my own page about it. Questions or comments? Post them in the comments box below or get in touch. Please spread the word, and if you're around I really hope to see you there!