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June 25, 2011

Hey, a Marriage Equality post!

Rob @ 7:29 AM

I'm pretty damned proud to be a New Yorker right now.

As you may have heard, the Marriage Equality Act has successfully passed through the New York State legislature, and been signed by Governor Cuomo. The bill becomes law 30 days after the signing, and since the Governor signed it into law just before midnight last night same-sex marriages will be legal starting July 24. I'll bet all the best venues are already booked solid for the first round of extra-fabulous Sunday weddings.

I'd like to offer my most sincere congratulations to all my LGBT friends and family, as well as everyone else who are newly free to marry the partner of their choice in my home state. I'd also like to congratulate my Kinsey 1 self on having a slightly higher concentration of potential decisions to make in the mysterious future.