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August 4, 2011

“You are great! Have some crap.”

Rob @ 9:46 PM

One page of an afternoon's happy spam comments.
I've been running this site on the WordPress software, without anything in the way of comment-spam-protection add-ons beyond my blacklist and the auto-moderation of any commentors who have not had a comment approved before. This means that unlike many webmasters, I still see my spam. It doesn't get posted, but behind the scenes I get to watch it ebb and flow like the mighty tides.

The latest tidal-wave of WordPress comment spam began last night, and has given me around 1200 comments so far on random posts, recent and ancient. This batch of bots is working in a new and strange way; the posts all consist of generic text which is highly complimentary in nature (or would be if spammers could spell) and they all just give either , , or as "their" URL. There are no other links in the posts at all, spammy or otherwise.

As I mentioned, I use the WordPress option to let posters who've had comments approved before skip the moderation queue from then on. Perhaps the people behind this are trying to flatter me into approving their comments so they can spam later? It's either that or they're just trying to jam the radar.

In any case, adding "", "", and "" to the blacklist solved it for now. (There is no real reason for any actual humans to be filling in the URL field with that; it's an optional field, if you don't have anything else you'd like to put in there you can leave it blank.)

Though the comments are now being automatically labelled spam and tossed instead of filling my moderation queue, they're still coming in at a steady rate. I wonder what it's all for.

5 Responses to ““You are great! Have some crap.””

  1. voretaq7 says:

    I miss the really awful spam of yore - the one that promised to both increase your bust by 3 cup sizes and increase your penis length by 3 inches.

    Same company.
    Same email.
    Same pill.

    They appeared to only sell one product. At least 50% of their customer base was probably horribly confused.

    • Rob says:

      When my mom first got online the majority of her spam was male enhancement spam, while at the time most of mine was get-bigger-boobs spam. I never was sure what to make of that.

  2. Anarchy-X says:

    That depends... did any of it work? ;)

  3. You should see what it looks like from my side...*goes to check*....and still continues. I need to make some adjustments. They have an extensive list of proxies, using each IP until I gets permanently blocked (after a certain number of tries) by the firewall, then move onto the next one. They aren't just trying to post spam, it's a file injection attempt in each case.

    Akismet always worked great for me, and AFAIK it's still free. I'm curious why you don't make use of it.

  4. Still trying to figure out this new wave of spam myself. Add to the blacklist. But if you are like me, updating a ton of websites wastes time too. And all they have to do is use another url. I set the captcha challenge to "High". Didn't work. Oh well. Also, did you notice they attack the site for a day and then go on to the next one?

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