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August 22, 2011


Rob @ 7:20 AM

"The Media Show" puppet cast

We at The Media Show have LESS THAN TWO DAYS to raise $4K and change to make our next season happen. Unless we hit our fundraising goal on Kickstarter, we don't get any of what we've raised already. Our starter needs some serious kicking!!

Every bit of help, even $5 if you can spare it, helps us out more than just giving us a fiver to work with; more traffic gets us on Kickstarter's front page, more interest means more word-of-mouth, and word-of-mouth is quite literally the most valuable thing we could ask for.

Whether or not you can help us by pledging, your help spreading the word is also extremely essential, now more than ever. Every last repost, reblog, retweet, regurgitation, etc. keeps us going in our mission to demystify mysterious tech, uncover shadowy media practices, and interview luminaries from all aspects of our crazy world WITH SNARKY PUPPETS. Please, help us by spreading this link and the word about what we do and how you can help us do it.

We've been posting on our show's site with all sorts of reasons we think this show is an important thing to do. It's also exceedingly important to me personally; The Media Show is a labor of love for myself and my colleagues, and the ability to keep doing it would really be a dream come true.

So for all of you superheroes out there who like to wait until the last minute, this is the last minute. Please help us out all you can with your pledges, your support, your spreading of the word, and your awesomeness. We honestly cannot do any of this without you.

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