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August 24, 2011

Starter successfully kicked!

Rob @ 6:05 AM

posterFive hours and a partial night's sleep later, and I still can't quite believe it. Our Kickstarter was a success, and production of The Media Show will be funded solely by the generosity of you people out there on this crazy Internet!

It was truly down to the wire. For those unfamiliar with how Kickstarter campaigns work: a project only gets funded if enough people pledge to meet the fundraising goal. If the deadline passes with the total pledges even one dollar short of the goal, the project fails and none of the funds are transferred. When last I blogged here we were just past the halfway point; still over $4000 short with less than two days to go. Yesterday morning, that shortfall was halved but with less than a day left. Watching the progress on it was like the inverse of that last few minutes of a winning eBay bid; instead of constantly refreshing a page and willing the clock to run out before someone else busted my spending limit, I was willing the dollar amount to flip over into the green before the bell tolled. As I wrote on Google+, if you'd balanced a tuning fork on my head right then it'd have started ringing. Finally I couldn't bear any more; I killed the browser and took a walk around the block. When I got back, you'd done it! Our campaign was a success, with a few hours to spare!

I know a lot of you who pledged; there are many familiar names on the list of backers, and you folks are seriously my heroes. I know a lot of you who helped out by blogging, twittering, and spreading the word; you also are my heroes. As for those of you who, even if you were entirely uninterested, just chilled out and tolerated my friends and I going on and on about this fundraiser all over the place, thanks for withstanding the onslaught!

I can't thank all of you enough for making this happen. The Media Show has always been a labor of love for us; now, your love also shares responsibility.

I'm looking forward to puppetting up and getting back to work!

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