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December 2, 2011

Robots! Robots, I say!

Rob @ 12:19 AM


Do I have your confidence, Entire Internet?

This is very hush-hush, dear reader, so I need you to keep it strictly between you, me, and every other living soul on the planet with connectivity.

I've just started a really neat new full-time job. I'm now a workshop tech at MakerBot.

Today was my first day on the job, and it was brilliant. That's about all I have to share about the job just yet - I'm strictly a ham-fisted newbie for the moment - but what I can definitely say already is that it's completely unlike any company I've ever worked at before. I've been given a rare opportunity to use a huge list of my skills, passions, and interests in one place. My intense loves of tinkering, creative art, groundbreaking media, the free-content scene, friggin' robots, and more are all being indulged. You can learn more about MakerBot and the snazzy things they do at the press kit and the Wikipedia article.

I've never talked all that much about my specific employers, or identified them by name, in all my years of blogging. I feel comfortable breaking this rule of mine in this case because, frankly, the company is that brilliant. I'm not just suddenly singing MakerBot's praises because I work there now, mind. I've been quietly fanboying MakerBot ever since word started spreading about the cool stuff they do. I had lots of fun when co-founder and CEO Bre Pettis was a guest on the January 13, 2010 episode of Off the Hook. (Fun fact: Bre took the photo of us in the studio which illustrates the OTH page here on my site.) I dug the heck out of seeing MakerBot's work on display at events like Maker Faire NYC. And now I get to help!

I can't wait to see where things go at MakerBot in the future, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

Did I mention the robots?

Friggin' robots!!!