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January 29, 2012

Anyone have a lung I can borrow?

Rob @ 1:41 AM

HEY YOU GUYS I have returned to blogging in order to whine.

Round about last weekend, the 21st or so, I started to develop a cough. It got progressively worse over the next few days; finally on Wednesday I had to leave work midway through my shift, go home, and skip Off the Hook. Every breath that was anything more than extremely shallow ended in a most fascinating series of solids, liquids, and gases expelled from my lungs. One doctor's visit later and I've got myself a certified case of heavy bronchitis.

I now have pills, other pills, an inhaler, and a nebulizer which makes me feel like one o' them zany hookah-bar hipsters.

I've been taking it easy since, if by "taking it easy" you mean "painfully expectorating enough crud to fill a reservoir on an hourly basis."

When I was a small child, like clockwork, I used to get hit with a major case of bronchitis and/or pneumonia every Winter. Sometime in adolescence the routine began to fizzle, by my count I might have it down to about one bout per decade now. Perhaps that means after this round, I'll have my lungfuck quota filled untill the 2020s.