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June 30, 2012


Rob @ 7:22 PM

Hey, humans and others. (must not mention lack of regular blog posts in blog post....)

So, what's been going on with me lately? All sorts of things. On the professional side, the day job at MakerBot is a neverending stream of cool stuff to do. No two days are alike, it's the one type of day job I could concievably have. Off the Hook is still groovy, I guest-hosted again this week when Emmanuel was trapped in a server closet. Work behind the scenes at HOPE has reached that fever pitch consistent with it being TWO WEEKS AWAY OMFG. On the personal side, my longtime friend, colleague, and collaborator Dr. Andrews and I levelled up our friendship and are now in a seriously awesome relationship. ♥

Random Internetty thought: Levar Burton's Reading Rainbow app is interesting, but costly and platform-exclusive. I wonder at the possibility of an open-source version, with people contributing recordings of themselves reading freely-licensed material aloud and building a library of good stuff for kids of all ages.