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January 10, 2013


Rob @ 8:33 PM

Happy Year of the Triskaidekaphobe!

2012 was a roller coaster, so much so that I barely had time to get any blogging done. I spent the year working hard and living well. I helped throw a hacker conference, I talked to people on the airwaves about hacker stuff, I wrangled snarky adbusting puppets, I made things that make things and then made things with those things, I refocused on my artwork, and I did too much other stuff to begin to count. I moved to Inwood, a truly lovely chunk of Manhattan with a lot more than meets the eye about it. My apartment is lovely and the people are nice. My roomates are my wonderful girlfriend and one of my oldest, best friends. There is a reasonably good Internet connection. My favorite magnets fit on the fridge. One of my cats loves aggressively grooming my bald scalp.

I always suspected I'd be happiest in this wonderful city, working in situations where no two days are quite the same, surrounded by the best crowds anyone could ask for.

Now, to find time to blog more regularly...