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April 4, 2013

Roger Ebert

Rob @ 7:34 PM

I remember chatting with Roger Ebert on movie forum message threads, and the odd email or two, back in the mid-1990s on CompuServe. I was a teenager poking around at early online fandom, and Ebert was the first mainstream "celebrity" I'd ever communicated with in such a manner. At first it blew my mind a bit to see his name on posts and realize it was actually that Ebert doing the typing. The online boom was still a few years down the line, though, and CompuServe and its forums were still low-key, cozy, and geeky; it quickly became apparent that Ebert was basically just another one of us film dorks (albeit one who had his own TV show) sharing and debating the films out there while unwinding in front of our keyboards.

He'll be missed.