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May 22, 2014

I’m Kickstarting a book!

Rob @ 7:42 PM

You may know of my long-running project to tell fake satirical trivia about Doctor Who. It's found a measure of success over the years, it's evolved to include artwork, it's spread from Twitter to Tumblr where it's found a great reception, and I've always had fun doing it. Now, I want to try to do more with the concept.

I want to write a book!

And this is the Kickstarter campaign to make it happen!
Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell ALL THE PEOPLE!

I'm thrilled, excited, and a bit freaked out to announce this; the project has been in the works for quite a while behind the scenes. I've taken it to Kickstarter in hopes that I can put all the time and effort into making this happen that the project deserves. Now, I've just a month to drum up enough support.

Fingers crossed...