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August 24, 2014

Cooling off

Rob @ 10:13 PM

My soul-sister Grey and I at HOPE X.

My soul-sister Grey and I at HOPE X.

Hello, blog! I've a few things I want to write about soonish, I'll start with the brief updates.

It's hard to believe Summer is almost over.

What a relief!

I don't generally deal well with Summer; hot weather, bright sunlight, horrible ice cream trucks pulling up outside my apartment and not switching the song off. Thankfully, there was enough going on that I mostly didn't notice.

The Kickstarter campaign I posted about a few months ago concluded unsuccessfully. I did brood about it for a while - having the Internet tell you "no" is never the easiest thing - but in the end, the experience was well worth it. I learned a great deal, and I'm still planning to get that book done someday. For now, though, it's on the back burner.

HOPE X, so called because it is - wait for it! - the tenth HOPE conference, happened last month. I'm on core staff at HOPE, helping with all the general planning and execution bits that it takes to put on such a unique event, and I was also providing artwork to decorate the space and emceeing on-stage between talks. Everything went off pretty much as wonderfully as we could have asked for. I may post later about the specific highlights, but for now suffice it to say that I've been a HOPE attendee for 14 years, I've been on staff for about half that, and as both an attendee and a staff member I feel this was the greatest HOPE we have ever thrown. I couldn't be happier about it, and I'm loving all the feedback that has come in. (If you were at the conference, please fire off an email to feedback at hope dot net with your own feedback! What you thought worked, didn't work, loved, hated, we want to know! It's very important as we begin planning for the next one in 2016.) I'll be open-sourcing some of my HOPE art soon, it'll probably hit my art blog first.

Off the Hook has been through a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs at WBAI, where such rides are the norm. We've spoken about how that's all going on the air, and we'll continue to do so.

Now, things are quieting down enough where I can begin to refocus my energies and figure out what my next moves are. I'm taking some classes, diving into some avenues of study, and looking for what beckons me next.