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September 16, 2014

The Internet has questions, and we’ve got answers. Plus, explosions.

Rob @ 11:01 PM

I've mentioned this elsewhere before, but we at The Media Show are running our Kickstarter campaign for our next season, in which we want to do bigger and better things than we've ever attempted before, and there's only a week left!

We've been busting our asses behind the scenes in preparation for what we want to do this round. We've taken formal TV-production training, and secured access to pro-grade studio facilities and equipment. We've developed a shopping list for FX which includes a power drill, for reasons which cannot yet be told. And, most importantly, we've got a really good plan for subject matter; one which will enable us to address some huge questions the Internet is already asking.

And, we'll do it all while kicking Yahoo Answers' ass.

Please take a look, show your support, and spread the word!

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